How do I prepare for my appointment?

Please remove all eye makeup, including the last dregs of mascara and eyeliner.  This will ensure the glue will hold properly and ensure maximum lash duration.  

If it is your first appointment Erin will have you complete a short registration to find out about you and your lash requirements.

How long does a full set last?

Typically up to 6 weeks.  Refills are recommended between 2-4 weeks (this varies depending on speed of lash growth, desired 'fullness' of lashes and ability to retain the lashes). 

The time between refills (your ability to retain the lashes) will depend on a range of factors and these will be discussed during your appointment.  With a few simple tips and tricks you can go from requiring a refill every 2 weeks to every 4.  With lashes anything is possible!

What materials are used during treatment?

A wide range of the best, world class (cruelty free and vegan) lashes and products are sourced globally and locally.

Lashes vary in length, width, curl and quality and Erin will work with you at the start of your session to select the lash material appropriate for your desired look from ultra fine to fuller feature.

How do I know the lashes will suit me?

Erin has over a decade of experience in makeup & has styled lashes for thousands of clients of many different nationalities and ages. 

This combination of experience along with using a broad range of different lashes gives Erin the ability to really tailor lashes to the individual.   You can be assured, you will leave with the lashes you most desire to suit your occasion, lifestyle, face, eye shape and age.   

You will leave pleasantly surprised at how beautiful you look and feel, without any tell tail signs you've had anything done.

Will the treatment hurt?

No.  Having eyelash extensions applied is an extremely relaxing treatment.  We provide a very comfortable bed and private cosy, heated and air conditioned environment and many clients fall asleep during their appointment.

Erin is meticulous about the health and safety of your eyes and is extremely cautious about quality and technique used, so that you're comfortable and have no irritation  both during and after your procedure.

Tell me a bit about the lash artist?

Erin brings over 10 years of experience in lash extensions and makeup artistry, ensuring that each customer receives the best quality lashes and care.  Erin is one of those true gems, rarely found, who truly cares about achieving the best outcome for her clients.

Erin has applied over 10,000 sets of lashes and created makeup for weddings, professional models, corporate events and celebrities over the years.  Erin's signature speciality is natural glam lashes that last.  Erin's lashes look 'like your own, but amazing'; they keep people guessing as to whether they're real or not! 

Erin isn't shy about creating long, luscious lashes, to match the desired look and lifestyle of her clients either!

Erin's passion and talent for lashes and beauty, and outstanding customer service has led to long term trust with her clients and this is what sets her apart from the industry.